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As an artist, my goal is to capture the essence of the natural world in ways that express its vital life force, its power and its overwhelming beauty.   Over the years I have spent countless hours immersing myself in nature, observing, absorbing, reflecting.   I have explored many ways to express these experiences in my work, and I enjoy working in many different styles with different subject matter.   In recent years, I have focused increasingly on distilling the universe into its primal elements:  Earth and Sky, Water and Fire.   By representing both the myriad forms of the elements themselves and the results of their actions and interactions, I have an endless realm to explore.    Working primarily in pastel and oil, I create patterns and rhythms in my paintings that, while not representational, still retain the essence and vital spirit of my subject matter.  Most important to me is that they exude a dynamic vitality - the pulse of the planet and the living substance of the universe.       




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